Why Everyone Should Give Thanks for Nurses This Year

Turkeys thaw, families travel and leaves fall as Thanksgiving nears. It’s that special time of year in which we give thanks for the things that truly matter.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, NurseCore wants to give thanks to the nurses and other health professionals who save lives each day. Here are a few reasons why you should include nurses on your grateful list this year.

School was Tough

Some people have this idea that nurses chose that profession because medical school was too hard. These people couldn’t be more wrong. Nursing school is grueling, as any nurse will tell you.

Yet, nurses went through it and live with these misconceptions so that they can care for people in their time of need.

They Do the Gross Stuff

Every day, nurses see things that cannot be unseen, smell some nasty scents, and touch stuff from which most people would run. Best of all, they do this without making the patient feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. It’s part of the job and one that deserves thanks.

They Give Everything

Nurses can’t leave their work stress at work. They worry about their patients when they are off the clock. They mourn the loss of patients, and they wonder how former patients are doing now.

Nurses to all of this because they care. They give 100 percent to each patient. Sometimes, this means sacrificing time and effort with their own families.

They Work on Holidays

We should all give thanks for the many professionals who work on Thanksgiving and other holidays. While most of us stuff our faces with food and laugh with family, many nurses give life-saving care.

Illness doesn’t stop when holidays come, and neither do nurses. It’s just one more reason to be thankful for them today and every day.

They Touch Every Life

At some point or another, you or someone you love will need the care of a nurse. Be thankful that these professionals show compassion so freely and care so openly.

This Thanksgiving, NurseCore is grateful for our nurses.

Ready to Quit Your Nursing Job? Do These Things Instead

Nursing is a difficult profession even in the best of circumstances. When you make life or death decisions as often as a nurse, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re in a particularly bad spot, you may feel ready to quit the profession altogether. Before you do, consider other options.

A great environment, a few stress management strategies, and pleasant co-workers can make being a nurse well worth the while. If you’re frustrated with your current nursing job, don’t change careers just yet. Try these strategies instead:

Get Out of the Hospital

Despite what some people would have you believe, nurses don’t have to work in hospitals to be fulfilled. Many medical professionals hate the hospital setting and think that means that medicine isn’t for them. However, a change in the environment could be all you need.

At NurseCore, our home care providers have flexibility and the feeling of knowing they make a difference every day. Some of our other professionals work in nursing home settings, offices, and schools. Give another environment a shot and you might find that nursing is right for you after all.

Join a Staffing Agency

If you’re looking for a change in environment, you may not be sure what type of nursing is right for you. When that’s the case, if can be risky to accept certain jobs. What if home care isn’t for you? What if you don’t love being a school nurse?

A staffing agency like NurseCore solves these problems for you. We look for nurses of all kinds to fill a variety of positions. If something doesn’t work for you, we can find you a new gig. It’s a great way to explore new kinds of nursing and find the right fit for you.

Practice Self Care

No matter what kind of nursing you practice, the job can be stressful. That’s why it’s important for all nurses to practice self-care techniques. Be sure to set aside regular time to meditate, get a massage, take a bath, or do something else that makes you happy.

Before you give up on nursing altogether, give these strategies a try. You may find that you’re happier than ever.

5 Signs It’s Time for You to Leave the Hospital Job

As a nursing student, you may have dreamed of working on a busy hospital floor. The chaos can be enchanting, after all. There are so many people to take care of and you know you’re the one to do it.

However, after years of working in a hospital, you may find yourself wondering if it’s right for you. There are plenty of home health jobs for experienced nurses that could be better. So, how can a nurse know when it’s time to leave the hospital? Here are the five signs to look for.

  1. You Hear Monitors and Beeps in Your Sleep

Many nurses have a hard time leaving their work at work, especially after particularly emotional days. However, if you can’t seem to relax because the hospital life gets you so wound up, it might be time to switch to a home health job.

  1. You Want More One-on-One Time

Do you ever feel like you have too many patients to provide the best possible care? It’s a common feeling among nurses who want to care for the whole patient, not just their symptoms. Home health jobs allow you to connect with patients in a way that’s more fulfilling.

3. You’re Stuck in a Rut

In nursing as in many industries, staying in one place too long can leave people feeling stuck. If you do the same work over and over again, you can feel like you’re not progressing in your career. If this sounds familiar, a shakeup might be what the doctor ordered.

  1. You’re Tired of Inter-Staff Drama

Do you roll your eyes every time someone tries to gossip with you? Are you tired of drama interfering with your job? This is a problem with some hospital units. However, in home health jobs, you often work independently.

  1. You’re Reading This Still

Let’s be honest: if you’re considering what it would be like to leave your hospital job, there’s something wrong. A change of pace could be what you need.

Back-to-School Health Tips

Summer is over and it’s time for kids to go back to school. As parents rush to gather school supplies, setup a routine, and get the coveted first-day-of-school photo, you should also remember a few health tips. When kids go back to school, they are exposed to plenty of new germs and can get sick more often. However, you can keep your children healthy and happy as they start their new adventure with these tips:

Get Vaccinated

Vaccines can guard your child and any younger siblings safe from life-threatening diseases. Many school districts require children to be up-to-date on certain vaccinations before they can attend classes. However, if your school doesn’t, it’s still a good idea to visit the pediatrician and get those shots. And it’s not just your kids who need them.

If you ensure that your whole family is vaccinated, you will all be better protected. Take a family trip to the pharmacy to get your flu shot and other important vaccines to stay healthier all year round.

Choose a Backpack

While your kid may choose a backpack based on the colors or characters on it, there’s much more to consider than that. A bad backpack can set your child up for spine problems in the future. Choose a backpack that has wide, padded shoulder pads for support. A padded back can also provide protection to keep your kid healthy and strong.

Get Healthy Sleep

If your children don’t get adequate sleep, their immune systems could suffer. While this is true both in the summer and during school, early waking times during the school year make inadequate sleep more likely when classes begin. Establish a good night time routine that starts early enough to get them to bed on time. A good night’s sleep can help your child night only stay healthy, but also learn more.

Check Their Eyes

Eye health is often forgotten when people think about health in general. However, a comprehensive eye exam is important. Start the school year out right with an updated prescription for your little one. This will make school easier without the squinting, too!

Give your kid a leg up by keeping him or her healthy. These tips can help!

How to Beat Nurse Depression

Many nurses came into this career because they had a deep drive to help people. This ambition can make some of the best nurses. However, when nurses throw themselves too deeply into the job, it can cause burnout and depression.

Let’s face it: nursing is one of the most difficult careers a person can have. It’s no wonder that nurses are prone to depression. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding occupations in the world if you learn how to take care of yourself.

The problem is, you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, it will be difficult to take care of patients. If you’re struggling with nurse depression, here are a few ways you can help yourself.

Switch Environments

Nurses don’t have to work in hospitals. If you’re feeling burned out by your current job, consider homecare or nurse staffing agencies. You can try out different settings until you find something that sparks the love of nursing that led you to this career to begin with.

Practice Self-Care

Nurses tend to be people who give and give until there is nothing left. If that sounds like you, make a conscious effort to take care of yourself. If you need to take an hour every day to yourself, do it. You can read, take a bath, exercise, or anything else that makes you happy.

Consider Therapy

Nurses can tend to shy away from getting medical attention. They think they can do it all themselves. After all, that’s often the case. However, when it comes to your mental health, you may need to reach out for help.

There is no shame in seeing a therapist or taking mental health medications. You do not need to go through this alone. There are medical professionals that dedicate themselves to helping people just like you.

At NurseCore, we care deeply about the health and safety of our nurses. If you need help, please take one or all of these approaches.

What to Look for in a Nurse Staffing Agency

Nurses and other medical professionals across the nation are choosing staffing agencies over more traditional roles. The right nurse staffing agency can provide flexibility, unique opportunities, and a great schedule. However, the wrong agency can give you a bad experience.

So how is a nurse supposed to decide on the right staffing agency? Here are a few things to look for.

Nationwide Support

Even if you only plan to work in a small area, it’s wonderful to have a network of nurses nationwide behind you. Look for agency headquarters that support their staff and know what they’re doing. At NurseCore, our talented and understanding support staff cares about the lives of our nurses and our patients.

Word of Mouth

The best way to learn about a nurse staffing agency is to ask the people who work there. Reviews from past and current employees may tell you everything you need to know about your potential employer. It’s also important to hear from employees at the branch you are considering.

We’re proud to have incredible reviews from around the country. Check out what our nurses have to say about NurseCore here. Flexibility

For many nurses, the main point of going to a staffing agency is to get flexible hours. After all, who doesn’t want to make their own schedule? A great nurse staffing agency understands this and allows you the flexibility you need. We’re proud to offer that kind schedule.

Career Development

In the medical field, you can never stop learning or you might fall behind. At NurseCore, we value your career development. By placing our nurses in a variety of situations, we give them the opportunities they need to grow as nurses. You will become a better caregiver and more fulfilled in your chosen career.

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