Three Ways to Get Healthy This School Year

As we roll into August and the heat continues all across the country, we also get closer and closer to the start of school. While you prepare to send your little ones off to their favorite teachers and school nurses, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that they start the school year off on the right, healthy foot.

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Summer Safety Tips: UV Protection & Dehydration Prevention


With the warmer summer weather comes more and more opportunities for fun, rewarding outdoor activities, some with a host of benefits for those with a particular medical condition, specifically those older patients. Those benefits can even include an increase in vitality and energy.

But summer isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – that very same sun that seems to stay out longer and longer with each summer can cause potential problems as well.

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The Benefits of a Healthcare Career with NurseCore


For more than 30 years, NurseCore has prided itself on being The Heart of Healthcare.

The company was founded on a commitment to exceeding not only the expectations of those patients and individuals it is charged with caring for, but also surpassing the expectations of the very men and women that call NurseCore their employer.

As a national leader in medical staffing and home care services, NurseCore offers you as a healthcare professional a number of fantastic benefits that are truly unmatched.

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Social Media’s Effect on Weight Loss


Much has been written about the positive effects social media can have on a business or company from an advertising and marketing standpoint – but the same can be said about the advantages social media provides with individuals when it comes to health.

We already covered the fitness boost mobile apps have given our country and social media has come to foster a better relationship between patients and doctors – but now, networks like Facebook and Twitter have also proven to be advantageous in regards to fitness and weight loss.

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Patients & Social Activities


Though everyone appreciates visiting the mall or a fun board game every now and then, did you know studies have actually found that social activities like those can do more than just boost your mood? Especially in the case of elderly patients.

That’s right, a little conversation and interaction can go a long way as far as prolonging your life.

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The Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Elderly Patients


With the weather steadily improving as we move further and further away from the cold winter, a “breath of fresh air” and stroll outside are surely in the cards for both you and your patients.

While a “breath of fresh air” might just be an expression, the benefits of a little outdoor activity are in fact very real. Alfresco activities have a host of benefits that are sure to interest anyone of the healthcare persuasion, particularly those caring for elderly patients.

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