Wearable Technology: The Next in Health?

Wearables are evolving to send alerts and data to your phone, and are able to give you critical feedback based on how you’re doing. As this technology is becoming more sophisticated, the next evolutions of the wearable will be used by more than just fitness enthusiasts – join us after the jump to see how healthcare researchers and patients with chronic illnesses will be using wearables to track and manage diseases.

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Better than Coffee: 4 Reasons to Take Cold Showers in the Morning


Athletes have long used cold showers to recover from training and refresh themselves before a big game. You can do the same to be feel healthier, younger, and more alert. Here are four reasons to take cold showers in the morning:

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Mindfulness: 10 Minutes to Relieve Stress and Improve Focus

Mindfulness meditation has been practiced for centuries by people seeking spiritual growth, but has become more popular in recent years thanks to endorsements from celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah Winfrey.

In additional to be universally accepted as “good for the soul”, meditation has also been proven by researchers to have measurable influences on the brain – making us feel happier, more content, and more resilient to negative emotions.

The practice has even been shown to help Marines recover from highly stressful environments and improves test scores in public schools. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, to improve focus and cultivate a sense of well-being.

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NurseCore Announces New Office in California

Arlington, Texas (September, 2014) – NurseCore, a national leader in the medical staffing and home care services industry, today announced that it has opened a new branch office located at 1500 Palma Drive, Suite 206, Ventura, Ca. 93003.

“We chose Ventura for our new location in order to leverage our strength from our Santa Maria and Santa Barbara branches. This helps us to expand our reach into broader markets and provide high-level service and patient care throughout the area,” says NurseCore president Deborah Lollar.

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What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Means for Healthcare Fundraising


If you’ve been on Facebook in the past month, you’ve probably seen videos of your friends dumping ice water on their heads to bring attention to the ALS Association.

Whatever your thoughts are on “hashtag activism,” it’s undeniable that the millions of dollars raised for Lou Gehrig’s disease was no small feat.

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5 Benefits of Healthy Hydration


As temperatures all over the country start creeping into the 90s, stories of unfortunate incidents of dehydration and heat exhaustion start appearing in the headlines.

Dehydration, especially during the summertime, presents a real danger to all, particularly the elderly and those individuals likely to embark in outdoor activities.

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