Why Everyone Should Give Thanks for Nurses This Year

Turkeys thaw, families travel and leaves fall as Thanksgiving nears. It’s that special time of year in which we give thanks for the things that truly matter.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, NurseCore wants to give thanks to the nurses and other health professionals who save lives each day. Here are a few reasons why you should include nurses on your grateful list this year.

School was Tough

Some people have this idea that nurses chose that profession because medical school was too hard. These people couldn’t be more wrong. Nursing school is grueling, as any nurse will tell you.

Yet, nurses went through it and live with these misconceptions so that they can care for people in their time of need.

They Do the Gross Stuff

Every day, nurses see things that cannot be unseen, smell some nasty scents, and touch stuff from which most people would run. Best of all, they do this without making the patient feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. It’s part of the job and one that deserves thanks.

They Give Everything

Nurses can’t leave their work stress at work. They worry about their patients when they are off the clock. They mourn the loss of patients, and they wonder how former patients are doing now.

Nurses to all of this because they care. They give 100 percent to each patient. Sometimes, this means sacrificing time and effort with their own families.

They Work on Holidays

We should all give thanks for the many professionals who work on Thanksgiving and other holidays. While most of us stuff our faces with food and laugh with family, many nurses give life-saving care.

Illness doesn’t stop when holidays come, and neither do nurses. It’s just one more reason to be thankful for them today and every day.

They Touch Every Life

At some point or another, you or someone you love will need the care of a nurse. Be thankful that these professionals show compassion so freely and care so openly.

This Thanksgiving, NurseCore is grateful for our nurses.

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