How Nurses Found Their Calling

It takes a unique person to become a nurse. After all, it’s not one of those things that you just fall into doing. It takes passion and drive to get through nursing school and thrive in a nursing career.

The reasons for getting into nursing are as varied and diverse as nurses themselves. What motivates people to become nurses has been a popular topic on Reddit. Here are just a few great reasons nurses gave Reddit:

Making a Difference

If you want to make the world a better place, nursing might just be the right career for you. Many nurses found that they wanted to spend their working days making a difference in the lives of everyday people. Perhaps it is cliche, but it’s one of the best reasons to be a nurse.

Reddit user half-great-adventure simply wanted a career that made a difference and that viewed a little playfulness as a good thing. “I wanted to be useful, and nursing made me feel useful,” half-great-adventure wrote. “As for why I went into peds, I wanted to work at a place where my silliness would be an asset and not a liability. And it’s also a part of my secret plan to never grow up.”

Reddit user californiapdsnurse put it simply when he or she wrote, “I wanted to have a fulfilling job and to make a difference.”

Inspired By Great Nurses

Many nurses find their calling by coming face-to-face with kind, caring nurses. Reddit user gangybluth had one such story. “My grandpa was sick and dying in the hospital. He was so sick and always felt so bad. He had great nurses though, and one of them always got [a] smile out of him no matter what,” the nurse wrote. “That is when I decided I wanted to be a nurse. I was ten and I never once thought about being anything else.”

Another user called “TorchIt,” had an inspiring story to tell about the nurse that changed her life. “Before he died, my husband was a very sick individual. Lots of hospital stays, transplant patient, the whole nine. During one of our all too common ER visits, there was a nurse with a shock of curly blonde hair wearing cranberry scrubs. She exuded confidence, intelligence, and perhaps most importantly, optimism. She knew what she was doing, and she knew exactly how to diffuse that tough situation for us. I started pursuing nursing for a number of reasons, but she’s my nursing idol.”

The Practical Reasons

Aside from the nobel reasons of wanting to become a nurse, there are many practical reasons. For example, a nursing student with the username tea_and_cats said, “I chose nursing because it’s everywhere. I can travel. I can live in a small town. I can work hours that allow me both the time and money to do the things I am passionate about.”

Others chose nursing for the flexibility and variety the career offers. Ultimately, there are many reasons people are called to become nurses. But they all have one thing in common: they are the heart of healthcare.

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