5 Things You should NEVER Say to a Nurse


NurseCore has said it before, but it deserves repeating: nurses are real-life superheroes. While they may dawn scrubs and stethoscopes instead of capes and cowls, nurses save lives every day. Unfortunately, nurses don’t always get treated with the kindness and respect they deserve.

Of course, nurses don’t get into healthcare for the praise. They do it because it’s a calling. Nevertheless, the rest of us should treat nurses right. Not sure where to start? Make sure not to say these 10 things to the nurses in your life:

  1. “Oooo la la”

The sexy nurse trope is overdone and gross. Nurses aren’t there for you to objectify. Nurses have an important job and overt fetishizing of the profession gets in the way. Nurses give their all to comfort and treat their patients on an individual level; return the favor.

  1. “You’re just a nurse.”

There’s no such thing as just a nurse. Nurses are qualified professionals who are vital to the healthcare system. They are not secondary to doctors. They didn’t go to nursing school because medical school is too hard. Nurses chose the nursing profession on purpose.

  1. “It’s like on TV right?”

In short: no. Nursing in real life is nothing like it is on TV. For example, incredibly good looking doctors don’t spend that much time with the patients. Nurses do. McDreamy isn’t going to be the one prepping you for surgery. Nurses will.

  1. “It’s quiet in here!”

Just don’t say it. You will jinx the whole shift and nobody is going to be happy about it.

  1. “Well the internet says it’s…”

Please do not consult the internet for a diagnosis. Your medical team will give you more specialized care than a Google search can. While nurses appreciate the effort you put into being on top of your health, self-diagnosis makes things more difficult for everyone. Nurses will work hard to find the answer for you if you let them.

Nurses, what things do you wish you could never hear again? Share this article to stop these comments!

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