Healthy Recipes for Popcorn Day

Each year, January 19th is the day to celebrate one of the most delicious and equally healthy snacks: popcorn. Since people first realized that, when heated, corn kernels could become a light and fluffy snack, popcorn has become a staple in such celebrations as Halloween popcorn balls and Christmas garland. Celebrate this Popcorn Day with some of our favorite, low-calorie ways to dress up this delightful dish.

Chili Lime Popcorn

Chili lime

This zesty recipe from Killing Thyme requires no special popping appliance. Just pop popcorn kernels your favorite way, add the ever-so-healthy coconut oil, and add the seasonings. You have an invigorating dish ready for your next fiesta. Click here to give the recipe a shot.

Easy Cinnamon Bun Popcorn

Cinnamon bun

We move from spicy to sweet with this entry. Craving a sticky, sweet cinnamon bun? Don’t want to blow your diet? This one’s for you.

The Big Man’s World devised this decadent recipe that’s healthier than it tastes. It’s even higher in protein than other popcorn recipes! How could that be? Click here to get the recipe and find out. (h

Lemony Kale Popcorn

Lemony kale

If you’re trying to get more greens in your diet, but hate the idea of making a green smoothie every morning, you’re not alone. This recipe from Simply Fresh Dinners makes kale – the queen of greens – so much more appealing. Learn how to whip up this easy, healthy recipe here.

Buffalo Wing Popcorn

buffalo sauce

Not all that’s covered in buffalo sauce is fried. Finally, there’s a healthier way to get your spicy buffalo fix. Choose your favorite popcorn and buffalo-style sauce and try this out. In fact, this could be the perfect healthy snack for the big game!

Healthy Popcorn Trail Mix

Trail Mix

You don’t even have to cook a thing to celebrate Popcorn Day. This healthy recipe couldn’t be easier or tastier. Using Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn, nuts, and dried fruit, Delicious Meets Healthy creates the perfect mix of sweet and salty here.

How will you celebrate Popcorn Day? Let us know. For more healthy recipes, make sure to follow NurseCore on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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